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What is a Far Infrared Sauna?

There are numerous chemicals substances produced by manufacturing plants which our bodies are unable to process. A lot of these contaminants remain inside the body and stored particularly in the body fat cells. Research links numerous illnesses like cancers as well as heart disorders to contaminants that build up in the body over long durations of time. Due to the fact that using a sauna assists in removing the accumulated contaminants from cells that are deep within our bodies with excessive sweating, it is recommended by many doctors.

The far infrared sauna is better compared to other types of saunas. It utilizes infrared heating units that emit infrared light that users experience as glowing heat that is absorbed by their skin.

How is the far infrared sauna different?

Individuals inside a sauna feel radiation from the heated elements. Far infrared saunas warm your body without first warming the air around.

Conventional saunas warm the air to temperature levels of between 65.5 to 87.7 °C (150-190 °F). The air at this temperature range is super hot and heats up the body's skin by convention. This makes the body perspire with 3% of this perspiration composed of toxic waste.

sweating to get healthy

Far infrared saunas warm the air to 43.3 to 54.4 °C (110-150 °F). This glowing heat that passes through the body produces even more perspiration - 2-3 times greater than what is produced in regular saunas. The toxic load in perspiration generated through infrared saunas is 20%. That is over 6 times more compared to what is obtained in the sweat in a normal sauna.

Due to the fact that the wavelengths created by far infrared rays (7-14 microns) are like those of our very own radiant heat which is 6-20 microns, this is a considered as a safe and natural cleansing technique. When you are subjected to far infrared heat, your body fat cells will release the contaminants they are holding. The contaminants will be removed by lymphatic flow from the subcutaneous levels of the skin as perspiration. The contaminants will then be taken out from the skin area after showering.

Far infrared wavelengths have been discovered to be really reliable as they permeate cells as well as detoxify cells as they vibrate ionic bonds. In addition, there are other benefits of FIR including:

o Stopping swelling
o Enhances blood circulation
o Enhances lymphatic circulation
o Brings in calcium to the cell membranes for faster healing and recovery
o Reduced lactic acid
o Eliminates microorganisms and parasites
o Promotes endorphin production

In Japan where far infrared was invented, it is utilized to strengthen the cardiovascular system, ease pain induced by joint inflammation, purify the skin and tissue cells. It is likewise utilized to minimize cellulite and heal injuries. Far infrared saunas also aids in supplying more nutrients and oxygen to all cells of the body as the blood circulation is improved.

The far infrared sauna is an excellent way of getting rid of these contaminants by cleansing. Some insurance coverage businesses have approved this type of treatment and will reimburse the cost of infrared sauna treatment recommended by a physician.

You can likewise install an infrared sauna at home. It is easy to install, convenient to use and does not consume much electrical energy.

Would you consider having this natural way to sweat and get healthy at home?

What are the Benefits of the Infrared Sauna?

Having an infrared sauna in your own home gives you all the benefits of enjoying total health. It allows you to exercise cleansing and purification regimens with family and close friends at any time. An infrared sauna is your personal haven, which permits you to retreat from the tension and concerns of the world.

In this blog post, I will share a list of several significant advantages of infrared saunas to provide you information about this piece of equipment.

Bear in mind that infrared saunas will significantly do more than simply improve your health. It can make you feel great too.

Far infrared sauna heat is a great technique to ease pressure and improve sleep patterns. There is no doubt that pressure is a common trigger for many usual conditions. Reducing tension benefits the muscle tissues and blood flow. A sauna session minimizes the pressure and can enhance mental and physical wellness.

By dilating the capillaries, boosting blood flow, and alleviating muscle pressure, a sauna can decrease the discomfort caused by lots of physical disorders. In particular, irritation and ache from various types of arthritic, muscular, shoulder and neck pain could be substantially reduced. With frequent sauna use, you can take pleasure in those positive impacts regularly.

A routine half-hour sauna session has a comparable impact to a gentle-weight cardio workout. Since the physical body works to cool itself, the metabolic/heart rate increases and blood capillaries dilate improving cardio flow. Infrared saunas are a terrific option for people who find it hard to exercise.

Don't have time for cardio workout? Sweat it out in an infrared sauna. Image from

Artificial and natural things present in great quantity in our ecosystem can affect our bodies. The air we breathe is mostly contaminated; the dishes we eat include chemicals and pesticides; even our drinking water is chemically treated.

The elimination of these compounds, often called "detoxing", has been recognized within the scientific community as a necessary step for promoting the health, treating and preventing particular ailments. Infrared Sauna heat treatment stimulates the natural cleansing of physical pollutants that have actually gathered in our cellular tissues. These impurities are then carried out of the body by way of the lymphatic fluid and perspiration.

Though weight-loss due to sweating is rapidly regained, the fats burned due to the enhanced metabolic process could be as much as 600 calories with every sauna session. Cleansing the body can enhance the digestive system and metabolic performance, which is able to help in weight-loss.

While the sport and social advantage is never talked about, it's genuinely relatively crucial. The sauna is often a non-public, intimate place of rest and seclusion. It might possibly be an enjoyable environment for interacting socially with family members and friends. The sauna room is a good venue for open, welcoming and quiet chat. It's great for any occasion.

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Additional Info on Infrared Sauna - Video

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What Are the Advantages of Regular Far Infrared Sauna Use?

Far infrared sauna offers wellness advantages that the standard sauna doesn't. Its regular use helps in the following ways:

Reinforces the immune system

Far infrared enhances the immunity by stimulating an increase in the making of leukocytes (white blood cells) by bone marrow. It likewise makes the thymus create more killer T-cells. The improved manufacturing of white blood and T-cells enhances the capability of the body to ward off colds, flu, other disorders and bacteria. Far infrared saunas likewise enhance the body resistance system by producing "synthetic Fever". The fever is the body's inherent recovery response.

The functioning of your body immune system is naturally increased throughout fever while bacterial and virus development is slowed, therefore, weakening its hold. This in turn assists your body to keep the attacking organisms off. Far infrared heat treatment has been known for stopping cold or flu before signs and symptoms take place. A lot of wellness specialists make use of far infrared as a way of removing contaminants that impact resistance of the body. It has even shown to be an efficient way of treating chronic sinus infections that take place regularly, impacting the immune system and exposing the body to other infections too.

Detoxing the body

Image Credit: Flickr via CC BY-SA 2.0
Far infrared treatment is an excellent way to cleanse the body both internally and externally. Far infrared heat expands blood vessels hence starts the procedure of breaking down covert toxins. The detoxing eliminates chemicals, fats, carcinogenic heavy metals and poisonous compounds created after food processing. It also gets rid of subcutaneous fat that is connected with fatigue, aging, excess salt that triggers high blood pressure and discomfort triggered by uric acid. Far infrared triggers sebaceous glands and assists to get rid of built up cosmetics in the pores through the skin rather than the kidneys.

Because infrared heat permeates inside the body by as much as 2 inches, it makes you perspire three times more than in a traditional sauna, thereby eliminating contaminants that cause illness, fatigue and excess weight.

Cancer treatment

Cancer can not make it through if exposed to temperature levels surpassing 42 °C. Far infrared heat helps to eliminate cancer cells, thereby enhancing chemotherapy efficiency and reducing negative side effects by conventional treatments. It also boosts the body's regenerative capabilities.

A cancer research study by the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology analyzed survival figures by people with malignant melanoma over 5 years. 28 % of the people who underwent radiation alone made it through the 5 years. 46 % of people who underwent a combination of infrared sauna therapy and radiation once per day made it through. Neither of the individuals in the group went through other alternative treatments.

Another study took place in Germany. It involved ovarian cancer patients at the late stage of the disease. All patients had undergone chemotherapy. 69% of the people who went through chemo treatment combined with hyperthermia experienced positive results.

Far infrared therapy also increases the regenerative capability of the body, therefore, assists in treating other diseases that might appear at the time of cancer.

Rheumatoid arthritis pain treatment

Case studies have revealed that infrared therapy assist to tackle rheumatoid arthritis. One study included a senior woman with serious rheumatoid arthritis which is secondary to acute rheumatic fever. The lady had actually reached the allowed limit of her gold injections and ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) was still 126. After having infrared sauna treatment for a few months, her ESR dropped to 12.

Another case study had an expert baseball player who headed out of the field after just 2 innings due to arthritic discomfort. The problem is that the player would have his agreement terminated since he may not play again. His physiotherapist put him under infrared sauna treatments for an hour daily. Within three months, the gamer can finish 3 innings with very minimal discomfort yet he was not taking prescription drugs. Far infrared treatment also assists in alleviating neuralgia, abnormal nerve function, gout and bad flow.